A New Dawn.

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Welcome to the International Taiji & Qigong Federation.(ITQF)


 The ITQF seeks to be a forward looking leading advisory body on Taiji and Qigong at International and National levels.  Building alliances across nations with individuals and organisations that have a common interest in promoting and developing Taiji and Qigong for the benefit of all.

Currently the Federation is in the membership recruitment campaign phase, offering early membership to

enthusiasts and instructors.

The ITQF also offers Insurance to its Instructor Members.

The next ITQF Seminar and our inaugural annual members meeting will take place on Saturday 29th April 2023 at the Deyin HQ in Telford.


Initiatives include an international Taiji and Qigong journal, events and listings related to Taiji and Qigong across the globe as well as the building of an international community through networking events.


We look forward to welcoming you as a member as a part of our organisation, fostering connections through Taiji and Qigong internationally!



What is firmly established cannot be uprooted.
What is firmly grasped cannot slip away.
Tao Te Ching (54)